Is God to blame?

Have you ever considered why misfortunes happen to you?  Some say that God is sending a misfortune, a bad event or a sickness to teach a lesson.  It seems those people are blaming or placing complete responsibility on God for all that occurs to us.   Although He, God, is all powerful and all knowing, He is not the blame for our misfortunes.  Then who is?

There are stories in Scripture that point to God as the one allowing events to occur such as with Job, Paul, Judas Iscariot and many others.  On the surface it may seem that He is to blame but underneath the story line a different set of circumstance is at work.  God allows what we desire, crave and devote ourselves to and, yes, even what we fear (Job 3:25).  He allows us to make choices and then allows those results, whether good or bad. 

We lose sight of what God has required of us (Micah 6:8).  Many say God sent this pain, time of trouble or tragedy because He wanted to gain our attention.  They, like many of us, fail to realize that what we have desired, craved or devoted ourselves to has given life to detriments that are contrary to principles of the Kingdom of God lifestyle. 

Our words and thoughts are heard in the heavenlies…whether by the Kingdom of God or the evil kingdom.  We must take responsibility for our actions and mature in understanding that what is in our hearts will show itself in one form or another.  Psalm 115 says those who trust in idols (other things but God) are like them.  What are the idols in your heart?  What are you attracting to affect your life?

Think on this… Matthew 7:11 says our Father gives good gifts to His children.  James 1:17 says every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of lights.

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