What’s in a Name?

Although many do not realize it, much of who a person is, is tied to or wrapped up in his or her name.  Names tell something about a person.  It is said that we act-out our name. There is some truth to this adage.  We decided to apply this thought to naming our ministry when we launched it.

The name Berean Pathway was chosen with specific intent.  We chose Berean from Acts 17:11.  When the Apostle Paul had shared with the people of Berea, those listening told Paul they were intrigued with his presentation of Messiah as revealed in Yeshua.  However, they also “searched the Scriptures” to see if what he was relating to them was indeed true and verified by Scripture.  Berean has come to mean, “Searchers of the Scripture”.   We strongly encourage everyone to search the Scriptures themselves and not just rely on someone’s word.

This has become foundational to ministry and teaching.  Many propose knowledge and ability to understand our times and the future.  They often relate their own concepts without truly seeking Scriptural harmony to substantiate and qualify the teaching.  They may use Scripture text but malign the intent and meaning of the word, words or passage for their own interpretation.  Good words do not mean good theology.  The men of Berea would have exposed the person who had corrupted Scripture for they, the Bereans, were “searchers of the Scripture”.  The name Berean emanates a commitment to search, balance, and live God’s Word without prejudice.  

Pathway is a simple word denoting a known trail or way.  More specifically for us, Jeremiah 6:16 tells us to choose the old paths to fulfill destiny as the LORD intended.  This Scripture offers the challenge to seek-out the ancient pathways, the good ways.  With this, we understand the passage is speaking about a lifestyle and mode of living that God prescribed and instituted since the creation process.  It refers to a means of flourishing, thriving and certainty in life.  It addresses direction in finding fulfillment in living according to how God intended man to live… with rest for his soul.  The passage calls it the “ancient paths, the good way”.   Needless to say, both time and deviation has caused man to wander away from the “good path’ laid down by God Himself for our betterment in our spirit, emotions, health, finances and relationships.  

Berean Pathway encourages people not to accept what anyone declares as revelation without first searching the Scriptures and balancing the Word with harmony before accepting the revelation as honest and true.  Berean Pathway also encourages people to seek-out the pathways laid down by God for man’s benefit.  The “good way” is summed up in Romans 14:17, “…the Kingdom of God is righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit”.  Yeshua said it this way, “I am the Truth, the Way and the Life and no one comes to the Father but by Me.   

John 14:6.
So what’s in a name?  …meaning and identity.  

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