Identity and Blessing

Throughout my life I have seen families blessed beyond measure while others struggle to make sense of life.  I have seen this in and out of the church world.  The question is, why?

In traveling the world, I have been in countries where church is a non-issue and faith in the One True God is nowhere to be found; yet some families flourish and thrive while others eek out their living.  

It has also been said, “We all serve God in our own way and there is not just one-way to serve Him and know Him”.  This statement indicates a hope in a map that one does not fully trust to be accurate but nevertheless follows.  However, there is an ancient pathway laid before us by God Himself that is exact and attainable.

God’s ‘old’ pathways are not systems but processes.  According to Jeremiah 6:16, the old ways are the good ways that have a specific purpose… to give rest to our soul.  God has   placed His mark in every culture.  These marks have to do with family, community and identity.  I have come to understand that the Almighty, Everlasting, One True God has had His imprint in all cultures since creation.  However, man has obscured those markers; therefore has lost understanding of the pathway by not knowing what was imparted and why they were imparted.  As a result cultures form their own opinions based on fractured revelation of truth and establish their systems of journey called religion; removing family as central and vital to walking in God’s ‘old’ pathways.

Two such markers are embodies in the following important questions, “Who am I”, and “What is my purpose”.  These questions deal with a person’s dignity, his value and esteem, acceptance of purpose and legitimacy to reach fulfillment of his destiny.  Each family in every culture holds the key to unlocking blessing upon their generation and the next generation.  This is how God wanted each generation to live – blessing their children and enabling them to thrive and flourish in life.  

The blessing process is important.  Blessing children instills dignity, imparts value, shows acceptance and reinforces legitimacy.  These are God’s markers along the ancient (proven) pathways.  The process of blessing involves the parents speaking blessings at critical time in life. From conception through the birthing process, from childhood into adolescence, into marriage and career, blessing opens the door for one to thrive and flourish in life.  

The American culture has lost much of its identity with God.   America is no longer the God-fearing nation it was 70 or so years ago.  Its identity in the slogan, “In God We Trust”, has been eroded.  The ancient ways that Jeremiah 6 admonishes are becoming by-gone also.  The family and the nation are at risk; however returning to those ancient pathways that God holds dear can redeem them.  If parents seriously take to action that of blessing their children, imparting identity and purpose, two generations will be blessed beyond compare.  The walls of despair will crumble and struggling in life will diminish.


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