Engaging Life…

logoAs you already know, life is not simple!  Perhaps at one time it was simple.  Yes, there was a time when life was simple, gathering fruit and vegetables and eating them.  The Garden of Eden seemed to be a place far less complicated than the complexities we face today.

Everything we do today involves a process and myriad of decisions.  Hundreds of decisions are made everyday.  Those decisions involve processes that may be few or many, simple or difficult or conscious or unconsciously performed.  We think through things before agreeing or committing ourselves to whatever.

Every step of the way, from birth through death, there are processes that either we engage or they engage us.  We, at times, decide, respond and react without truly considering the ramification and impact those decision have on others and us.  How we process information, situations, circumstances and personal interactions with others should be considered.  Who or what is governing our thought and decision-making process?

Yahshua (Jesus of Nazareth) said in John 10:10b, “…But I come to give you life and that more abundantly”.  He came to give life and for it to have a particular purpose…more than just living but abundantly.  This means that left to chance, nothing is received.  The passage indicates an engagement between the promise and the reception. 

Between the promise and the reception is one pathway with a fork in the road. Choosing the right direction depends on the factors one uses to make choices.  For this to occur the proper process must be engaged.  What is this abundant life Yahshua so assuredly states?  It is to purpose, to thrive and to prosper.  “I come so you can have life and have it more abundantly”…here on Earth.  Nevertheless, what we engage can either bring us to enjoying the abundant life or it can preclude us for doing so.   

 What is in your life?  Do you carry bitterness in your heart toward someone?  Do you allow the setbacks of life to overrun you and cause you to misery?  Do you enter into self-rejection and self-accusation about who you are and how life had been?  Is the abundant life a story to you with no tangible application or does it resonate with blessing and provision for you?

 That is something to ponder.  The Kingdom of God has a prescribed purpose for each of us. Simply said, purpose has an overarching goal, an aim or a desired outcome.  Did you get it…a desired outcome!  Life is full of interactions affecting the end result of our purpose.  Life is not a feather in free-flight mode.  No, life is engaged. Life is not static but kinetic.  Yahshua did not come to give us a “free-flight” but to provide us with a pathway full of Kingdom of God blessings, abilities, initiatives and benefits.  He called it “life more abundantly”.  If Yahshua offers abundance in life, what are we doing to ensure that we are putting in motion those processes resulting in fulfillment of desire and purpose?

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