Life is Interesting…

logoLife is interesting to say the least. Whether we like our life or not, it is interesting. Some would say it isn’t for them. But it really is. For those who agree that life is interesting, they will cite examples of daily occurrences that justify their claim.

Life may not seem interesting to some due to their perspective on life. For them, life is a mess of problems, confusions, demands and subjugations. For them, each day is a drudgery to get up and face the 24 hours before them or at least the 12 or so hours they are relegated to face.

When I was a boy I would ponder on what life would be for me. I had no lofty dreams or aspirations at that time. There was no one in my life to challenge me to have dreams and aspirations. Dad was gone from my life and mom had to work and provide for her children. There was no one in my life to open up the possibilities of hope and faith. It was life simply described as uncomplicated at the time.

Once I entered the stage of responsibility, things changed. Notice, I did not say I was taught responsibility as a child. No one was there to provide direction. The only direction I received was from the neighborhood and that was not good.

Facing responsibility was and is a challenge to anyone who has not be trained to shoulder it. I soon learned that no one had time to show or train me in being responsible. So life became a no win situation for me. I did not have the skills needed to handle life until I asked and searched.

Today, many households are busy with “making ends meet” by working long hours or second jobs that rob them of nurturing, training, guiding and directing their children in issues of life. Relegating this “job” to the church or school is not the answer. It never was and it will never be. For those, like me, who grew up in this type of home setting, life can become turbulent and trying.

I have since learned that without the proper coaching from home, the heart suffers, the mind becomes a futile ground for misdirection, and home becomes a place to leave instead of a place to be. Sad, isn’t it? The one place where a person should be able to thrive is the one place that person does not care to be. Be it good or bad, the epitaph fits. “There is no place like home”.

I learned to get off the wide road that was leading me to destruction and get on the less traveled road that leads to life more abundantly. It all begins with 3 John 1:2, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers”. I changed my perspective and redirected my “Life GPS” to get me to the place where dreams do come true. I learned to take responsibility for my words, actions, thoughts and behavior. I realized I do have a father who cares for me, Yahweh (Abba Father). He does direct my steps and provide me counsel and direction that I need in life. There is a good pathway and I am so fortunate to recognize it and follow it. So can you…

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