Ministry Outreach

Pathway to Wholeness

This teaching ministry is based on valuable truths found in the Precepts of Life both from the Old and New Testaments.   Just as Psalm 103 guides individuals into total health— in spirit, mind, emotions, body, relationships and finances – we endeavor to make people aware that to have our spirit, soul and body aligned with Yehovah brings divine health.  This is accomplished primarily through classes, seminars and directly through personal ministry.

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Mentoring, Training, Discipleship

Berean Pathway’s aim is to help individuals overcome disabling obstacles that cripple their ability to prosper and thrive in the Kingdom of Yehovah.  The focus is to train leaders so they will help others to become free from personal bondage.  This is done by teaching the Scriptural Precepts of Life as found in the front part of the Bible coupled with Yeshua’s teachings on spiritual warfare.  Many times, this discipleship teaching takes place on an individual basis and other times it takes place in groups.

Numbers 8:25-26 says:  25 and at the age of fifty years they retire from active service of the service, and serve no more, 26 “but they shall attend with their brothers in the Tent of Appointment, to guard the duty, but shall do no service. Thus, you shall do to the Levites regarding their duties.

Philip and Marleen have taken this instruction and applied it to mentoring and discipling others whether they are in formal ministry or workplace ministry.  A passion of Philip and Marleen’s is ‘to guard the duty’—the Precepts of Life which are essential to prospering and thriving in all we do.

BPM’s Ministry’s Involvement

Following the Cloud’ led Philip and Marleen on their first visit to Belize in 2016.  In February 2018, they moved to Belize.  Their initiatives include teaching Wholeness principles; working with community leaders to develop a center for Natural and Spiritual Health treatments in the Cayo District; and involvement with a Biblical Roots Fellowship.  Although Belize is considered an evangelized country, brokenness prevails.  Philip and Marleen’s endeavor is to make difference in individual lives.

Since 2013, BPM has supported Samuel in Bhutan.  Samuel travels throughout the country to reach the unreached villages.  He must do this cautiously because of government persecution against gospel leaders.  So far 10 underground congregations have been established throughout the country.

Oaxaca, Mexico has the highest concentration of unreached people groups in the Americas.  Peter and Teresa Cawthon, focus on planting churches and providing needs to the people in those areas.  Much of this is done through medical missions’ group who they host.   They also manage a Spanish Christian lending library that reaches out to disciple those who have become believers in the Oaxaca area.

Ministry Resource Links to ministries we trust:

Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc. is a think tank.  “Their vision is to be transformational with new paradigms, not merely informational to impact lives”.

Ellel Ministries International is “a non-denominational Christian mission organization with centers throughout the world, Ellel is bringing healing and restoration to those in need”.

Love and Instruction  Their teachings and information encourages others to take “a whole-bible” perspective as they walk out their lives according to Yehovah’s words of love and instruction from Genesis to Revelation.

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing  “Preparing the Remnant for the Unfolding of End-Time Prophecy”.  KIB is a ministry that addresses Lifestyle living in these end times, deliverance and also gives insight in honoring Yehovah’s Sabbath and Appointed Times.