Pathway to Wholeness

Pathway to Wholeness teachings are based on Scriptural Precepts and Principles of Life.   Applying learned concepts to life’s situations brings well-being and freedom from bondage that results in helping people overcome their life issues.

Many people live their lives without realizing they have a broken heart due to conflicts, trauma and life choices. Providing tools that help heal the human spirit, soul and body is an essential process. Walking in the old pathway of Jeremiah 6:16, provides rest for the soul and brings balance back to a faltering life.

Each teaching provides tools to aid a person’s understanding and ability to use the tools for wholeness. The focus is to direct individuals back on the pathway of life where they can enjoy peace. This is accomplished through seminars, group sessions and online teachings. We also minister to individuals in a confidential and safe environment – helping them move pass the hurts they have experienced in life.

Reclaiming life is a vital part of Scriptural wholeness with the objective to lead people into the spiritual freedom found in Yeshua as promised in Scripture.

Current class series: For specific information email or text 972.365.9985.